First Generation Zune. A Toshiba. Second? Probably Not.

Late yesterday, we posted regarding a Zune being a Toshiba 1089. Yes, it’s true.

Zune's Face

It seems like Zune will be manufactured by Toshiba like the Toshiba 1089 with a few additional options. According to many sources, it is being interpreted that Microsoft got Toshiba to manufacture it so that Zune would be ready to be on many people’s Christmas List.

After the first generation, Microsoft will most likely take care of all the production in-house. This means that we’re due to see some sort of another Zune like the iPod mini/Nano/Shuffle, which followed the original iPod series. With the device production going into the hands of Microsoft after the first generation, it’s pretty safe to bet that sometime in near future, Zune will come with some high-end gaming and video features.