Zune Officially Announced

It’s here! It’s here! Well, nearly…

Zune Official

The Microsoft Zune is one of the hottest topics that are being discussed all over the world right now. And we’ve got more information on it!

Along with the three color options, 30GB HDD, built-in FM tuner, 3.0″ screen, and 802.11 wireless, we’ve also got more “specific” details on it!

First off, the wireless connection. Something that many competitors of Zune tried and haven’t yet suceeded. Since Zune is not officially out yet, it is hard to say anything about whether it’ll be a high quality feature or not, but we can tell you a few things. With your Zune, you’ll be able to share songs, personal recordings, playlists, and even pictures! The only “downside” would be that a track that you receive from another person/Zune, you’ll only be able to play it for up to three days. After that, you’ll need to buy it from the Zune Marketplace store, which by the way, is the official name for the online Zune stor.

Secondly, purchasing muic. I know that some of us download songs from various sites, from CDs that we buy, etc. But hey! Microsoft is offering something pretty cool! As mentioned a little bit above, the Zune Marketplace will be a place where you can purchase songs! Sort of like iTunes for the iPod. If you don’t like the pay-per-song idea, you can also buy this special pass known right now as the Zune Pass. This will enable you to, like Napster, download as many songs as you want for a certain full price.

We’ve also mentioned this, but don’t forget that your Zune will be coming pre-loaded with music from various records. Dig back our archives if you’re interested! 😉

Also, accessories regarding Zune has been released. This includes:

  • Zune Car Pack – FM-tuner w/ AutoSeek and Zune Car Charger
  • Zune Home A/V Pack – Your Zune doesn’t only connect with your PC and the Xbox360! It will conenct with your TV or home stero system too!
  • Zune Travel Pack – Headphones, remotes, a Zune bag, sync cable, and AC adapter!

It is said that Microsoft is working closely with manufactureres such as Altec Lansing, Belkin, Griffin, and more.

Although a few weeks ago, we mentioned about the price and the release date, it seems like Microsoft is still holding on to those. Wired Zune will be sure to update you all if this news leaks or is officially posted by Microsoft.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy some more Zune pictures! 🙂

Brown Zune

Zune Black and White


Zune Box Art

Now, it’s time to wait. 🙂