Interview with Bitter:Sweet

With the Zune nearing its release, we thought that it’d be great to catch up with someone that actually is in a way, part of the Zune. Bitter:Sweet.


Bitter:Sweet Interview Questions

Wired Zune: First off, can you say hello to the Wired Zune readers and introduce yourselves abit?
Hello there lovely’s. We’re Shana and Kiran of Bitter:Sweet!

WZ: Bitter:Sweet… This is a personal question of mine. Where does your name originate from? Is there some story behind it?
B:S: We had such a difficult time coming up with a name that could capture the essence of the stories told on this album, and in our lives. Ironically, we had both thought of the name separately and we knew that it was meant to be. Life is after all bittersweet.

WZ: When Microsoft released pictures of the Zune officially, not many noticed your sign on the Black Zune picture. Now, its just about on every technology/Zune/whatever blogs! How does it feel to have been chosen by Microsoft? Better yet, how does it feel to see Bitter:Sweet on the Black Zune?
Warm and fuzzy.

WZ: Howd you guys get Microsoft to put your music into the Zune? Some hard competition, Im sure, probably existed.
Actually they approached us. MSN music did a feature on us when our record first came out on “Ones To Watch” and ever since then, they have become fans. It’s so lovely to see a company as big as Microsoft embracing up and coming artists in this way. We feel very lucky.

WZ: Im sure that such an exposure to such a huge audience globally for a band like yours is immense. How does it feel like? 😉
Being an indie band our expectations of reaching a potential audience of this magnitude seemed impossible and we certainly couldn’t be more excited. It’s such a great way to get our music out there!

WZ: How do YOU personally feel about the Zune? Good? Bad?
B:S: It’s about time that there’s something out there like this for the pc users and we love the fact that it promotes music sharing.

WZ: Your content thatll be on the Zune. Im sure you probably like all of them. 😉 But what are some of your favorites? Any recommendations for the Wired Zune readers?
Well Bitter:Sweet of course, 😉 and then maybe some Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Tribe Called Quest, perhaps a remix of KC and The Sunshine Band…..the list could go on for days.

WZ: Any last words for the Wired Zune readers? The stage is all yours. 🙂
B:S: Always dance naked!!

Thanks Shana and Kiran. Best of luck in your future adventures and wish you guys the best of luck!