Zune vs. iPod

Thanks to Jake Luddington, we have an awesome, real shot comparing the sizes of both the Zune and the iPod.

Zune vs. iPod Screen

We knew that the Zune screen would be bigger. But wow. 🙂

Zune vs. iPod Side-by-Side

A shot of the Zune and the iPod together. Zune seems quite big, considering how the iPod is also a bit big compared to players from Samsung and irivier.

Zune vs. iPod Edge

Zune and the iPod from the sides. Zune seems a lot bigger from this angle too. But surprisingly enough, it weighs lesser than the 80 GB iPod!

Zune vs. iPod Stacked

Is it just me or does it seem like the iPod is resting on the Zune?

Zune Album Art

Great shot. One of the best yet since the clips from Gear Live! 🙂

Zune Song List

Another awesome photo. The stuff at the top of the screen… Possibly a way to sort your music?

Great shots once again! Thanks Jake!