Vaja Releases A New Collection For Zune

Our friends at Vaja Cases just officially released a new line of cases for the Microsoft Zune. Federico, the guy that does the marketing at Vaja Cases, just informed me via email, with these three awesome shots of their cases.

New Collection of Vaja Cases

According to their website, you can even customize your own case to your suitings! A simple math tells us that there is a 1000 possibilities, which includes the changing in color, printing your own text, or having a custom image on the case.

Classic Vaja Case for Zune
Classic Case

Balace Case for Zune
Balance Case

Vaja has a reputation for delivering top quality cases for all products. Their leather is full grain cowhide, which are specially selected in Argentina for its quality, strength, character, and grain. These leathers are made to be much cleaner than other ones and are used mainly with endurance in mind.

It looks as if these will be a hit! They’re amazing from the looks on the picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wired Zune would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our visitors and fans! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanksgiving Cilpart

What could be better than sitting at the dinner table with all your family and a nice big turkey in the middle, with you fiddling your fingers with the Zune, sharing songs with your cousin across the table? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy it today everyone. We won’t make any too important news today to get you on the PC, reading about the Zune, as today can be better spent with your family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Zune Firmware Hacked! Use It As A Harddrive!

The guys at Zune Boards have successfully hacked the Microsoft Zune firmware. According to their screenshots, it looks as if you’ll be able to use your Zune now as an external hard drive too!

This is a great day for all Zune users because it opens up another whole new dimension that the Zune could be used for. The hack has not yet been released, so I cannot comment further on this, but possibly, we could also take some preloaded content off from the Zune to our PC.

Great job Zune Boards! ๐Ÿ™‚

Zune: An iPod Killer?

While many iPod fans are looking down on the Zune, Apple is actually quite concerned with the release of the Microsoft Zune. The Zune itself now nearing its 10th day, but everyone agrees that is surely is no iPod killer. But can it be? Microsoft has the talent and Zune has the potential.

In my column “Why Microsoft’s Zune scares Apple to the core”, I argued that, unlike Apple’s overconfident iPod fans, Apple itself is taking Zune very seriously. In that column, I listed Zune attributes and Microsoft capabilities that could hit Apple where it counts — profit margin and market share. I never argued that Zune would be better than the iPod, or even that Zune would succeed. My sole point was that Apple is taking the Zune seriously as a threat to its profitable and dominant iPod line and has good reason to do so. (Mike Elgan – Computerworld)

Brown Zune Long

Mike Elgan at Computerworld definately knows what he’s talking about in his entry. Everyone probably agrees that the Zune may have been a bit rushed. From Argo to Zune in early-July, and then the launch in November that year. Definately, the first generation is nowhere near the quality that iPod delivers. Microsoft has successfuly persuaded many buyers through, but not limited to, the 3″ screen and the Wi-Fi capabilities. But, at this state, it definately isn’t an iPod killer. Elgan takes us through the Zune’s hardware issues, compatibility issues, usability issues, along with a possible way the Zune could decimate the iPod. Probably his strongest point is that for the Zune to suceed, it should in no way copy iPod, but instead, becoming a true anti-iPod. Such a turn could definately provoke some great competition between Microsoft and Apple.

Zune: Upgrade To 80GB!

A few days ago, we posted a postย on how you can successfully modify your Zune so that it’ll be able to hold a 40GB harddrive.

Zune Logo

Well, guess what? The guys at iPodMods have done it again! They’ve now released a way that you can replace the Zune harddrive with an 80GB harddrive and still have the cover fit the whole drive!

Click here to check out there once again, amazing modification! You can also buy these harddrives directly the shop at iPodMods.

It’ll only beย a matter of time until the Zuners have an immense Zune harddrive. I suspect that with such modifications going on, some harddrive manufacturers may actually try to develop a harddrive especially for the Zune.

ZuneCast! Feed Your Zune!

It’s November 20th. Six days since the Zune launched. But already, we are having unofficial modifications for the Zune coming out. The first being… FeedYourZune.

Feed Your Zune Logo

Widely known as Podcasting, FeedYourZune allows such an option now for your Zune. ๐Ÿ™‚ Get this unofficial program to enjoy:

– Automated download and syncing of Audio and Video Podcasts to your Zune.
– Full featured RSS video playback. Supports all video formats.
– Discover thousands of amazing Video and Audio Podcasts with the built in Channel Guides from Network2, FireAnt, and more to come!
– Open web architecture – supports RSS, BitTorrent, and Blog Permalinks.
– Create playlists, favorites, manage disk space, and more…

The program itself is pretty powerful. Straight out of the box, you’ll be able to get your Podcasts going without much or any configuration.

Many more of such programs will come eventually, but we can tell you that FeedYourZune is a heck of a useful addon to install on your Zune. Heck, your PC version of “Zune” even works great with it! We’re loving it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Upgrade Your Zune To 40GB!

First off, no, it’s not something that Microsoft is offering. Just to let you know, it is something that is also quite risky. But if you are willing to risk it and try to get that extra 10GB, then continue on.

Zune HDD Upgrade

The guys at iPodMods found out that the ZIF drives from Toshiba is actually compatible with your Zune. In fact, you could actually put a 60GB or a 80GB drive in your Zune, although the downside is that you won’t be able to put the back cover on again.

If you want to go ahead and try it out, here’s an extensive walkthrough by iPodMods.

53% Says No To Zune.

GigaOM have been running a survey since the day Zune launched, and it seems like many people are not exactly preferring the Zune after a lot of negative comments regarding the device were put up by various consumers. These comments include the Zune software not being installed, the device not looking as “sharp” as seen in the pictures, and the Zune not having some “expected” and “basic” features such as deleting your music straight from your Zune.

Zune Logo

Currently, the Microsoft Zune team is going through all their support requests. We should have a new firmware release in December or sometime early in 2007. It’s confirmed that there won’t be any new features for now, but Microsoft will most likely give their full attention to bring their sales up and get the hype going once again, after somewhat of a disappointment.

If you’re enjoying your Zune, make sure you visit some Microsoft blogger’s blogs to complement them for their hard work! The Zune’s potential is huge and Microsoft will make sure that they reach it to the fullest, although the media may not be too happy about it right now.

Zune Released In Canada?!

Zune seems to already be going international! Well… we all know that eBay already has some great Zune auctions going on, but from Canada, you can now purchase your own Zune! Not through a local dealer though… but via online!

Zune Canada are already selling the Zunes on their website. The prices are in CAD with CAD taxes. For some odd reason, the Black Zune is priced at a lower price than the White and the Brown, when they all should cost the same. Nonetheless, you people at Canada can now order your Zunes! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have no idea how they are actually managing to sell these units when they are only to be distributed in US. Unless you receive your Zune from another person as a gift or so, I’m pretty sure that the Zune can’t be distributed outside of US through places like TigerDirect… Take your risk, if you badly want your Zune and you’re living in Canada…

[phpbay]microsoft zune black, 5 [/phpbay]

New Features? A Bit Later…

Recently, the guys over at ClicZune were given a chance to interview David Caulton, the man behind Zunester. According to their interview, it seems as if we may not be seeing “major” improvements with the Zune in the next couple months.

“In this interview, we learned that we are not going to see new features for the 30Gb Zune player before spring. We might have a firmware update in January but only for small adjustments.” (ClicZune)

Brown Zune Long

The Zune’s potential is unimaginable as of. Especially its wireless capabilities have been the rather shining parts of the Zune, compared to its competitor, the iPod. Most likely, the upgrades will be presented via the automatic updating of the Zune firmware, when you connect it to your PC. On the 14th, many people reported that a wireless capability was not available with the default firmware, and once upgrading to 1.1 (the current version), the wireless features were activated. Some things we can also look forward to our options such as the user being able to manage their music using the Zune only. Bill Wittress, the runner of ZuneGuy, commented that one of the things that is needed the most right now for the Zune is the ability to delete your music without connecting to the PC. We’ll see if this feature is added on the 1.2, but don’t get your hopes too high already because Microsoft is said to be responding to the various issues that have risen since the launch on the 14th.

Zune: The Origin

Remember the time when we referred to our beloved player as Argo? Then, in early July, we were all “hit” with a new name — Zune. Where’d this name come from?

Zune Logo

“The creative strategy was quite simple: Don’t try to be like iPod or to beat iPod,” he said. Instead, he had to “create a new word that will help Microsoft to create a distinct personality.” (David Placek, CEO of Lexicon)

I guess that the name wasn’t all developed by Microsoft, but indeed, was from another creative mind outside of Microsoft. Nonetheless, the name is starting to make itself out amongst the people, even outside of US. Microsoft seems to be bound to create yet another brand.

If you’re by any chance interested in the full origin of the name, Zune, check it out here! Thanks TTC!

Welcome to the social

Finally. The day that we’ve been waiting for since the talk of Zune being its final name back in early-July.

CruchGear's  Zune Pictures

Today, the Microsoft Zune is now available to the public! We’re proud of it, even when we aren’t Microsoft’s employees. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Imagine how the guys at Microsoft must feel. Yup, just amazing! Eager to get one of these, I called nearly every electronic store I know of to get one (I’m getting a Black!) but no luck as of as most dealers told me to come tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™
Well, other than the fact that I’m here to tell you about the launch of Zune, I’m also here to tell you on the future of Wired Zune. Microsoft Zune is now released and some things will be changing here at Wired Zune:

First off, our will be going live this weekend. As you know, we currently hold the domain and is under no use. We’re planning on redirecting Zune Styles to our Zune download section. Currently, on my desktop, I’ve got a couple hundred backgrounds for your Zunes and will constantly be adding more, along with other various modifications for the Zune.

Our group of staff members will also be going “live” through the Wired Zune site and the forums. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are still open to more applications, so check out this entry from a while ago and get your applications in! We have big dreams for Wired Zune, so we need great people to help it reach its potential!

We’d also like to redirect our attention to the current ongoing Zune giveaway competition in our forums. Check it out because you may be getting a free Zune as an early Christmas present from us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lastly, we’d like to mention that we’ll be doing a weekly roundup every week so anyone who’s gone for a week or so can check out our weekly roundup sections to catch up on the latest Zune news.

More are to come as this is just a little peak on what we’ll be doing now, since the “social” has begun!

Keep visiting Wired Zune for the #1 Zune information on the net!

Best Buy “Leaks” a Zune!

I guess a salesman at Best Buy decided to sell a Zune a bit too early. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not that we care. One lucky person got their Zune a few days earlier than the rest of us! Only problem is that the customer can’t install the software. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜› I guess I’m going to be heading down to Best Buy right now to see if a guy can leak me one too. ๐Ÿ™‚


Welcome to the social! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gear Live Dissects a Zune!

You probably have all dissected a frog in your science lab. But how about a Zune? The guys over at Gear Live decided to get their curiosity to reality.

Zune Dissected

Unfortunately, they beat me to it. ๐Ÿ™ (Was going to go buy one tomorrow or in a few days…) Nevertheless, they got some nice shots of the inside of the Zune, so I’m satisfied. But maybe… maybe… I’ll go and still try to dissect one as who knows if Gear Live may have missed an important section or not…

Check out Gear Live’s site to see more pictures!

Marketplace Will Let You Download Again!

Gizmodo just reported that unlike iTunes, the Zune Marketplace will allow you to re-download your songs up to 5 times, and in case needed to more, can easily be done by contacting the Marketplace staff. Yet another reason why you should get the Zune!
How will this fair?

Microsoft is raising the bar for Apple once again. As you iPod/iTunes users know, Apple wants you to backup your own music. In a sense, by not providing a re-download service, Apple actually saves lots of money in fields such as bandwidth, server resources, etc. Well, Microsoft seems like they’ll actually “give up” the additional bonuses that’ll be left in a case where they don’t provide the re-download service.

With an aggressive move by Microsoft, let’s see how Apple reacts to this!

Confirmed: Microsoft Will NOT Credit You!

Remember our post about Microsoft crediting you for sharing songs? And then, we had the whole hype knocked out of the picture after Cesar’s post. But, on October 30th, Gizmodo released a PDF file saying that possibly, Microsoft will credit you. So… what’s going on?!

Well… we have an official answer.

As you know, Cesar, the guy that runs Zune Insider stated clearly that such a “credit” will not exist for the Zune as of. But, the guys at Gizmodo came with a PDF file that got us going once again, so I decided, heck, why not ask another that is working with the Zune? Bill Wittress. The man that powers ZuneGuy.

I decided to ask him regarding this “controversy” or a “rumor” you might say. I even gave him the PDF file and pointed him to the Gizmodo page. All he had to say was:

“Still not true. ๐Ÿ™‚

(That) Research is an entirely different part of the company.”

Rumor resolved. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, unfortunately, Microsoft was not able to pickup Nonetheless, is still pretty cool.

Officially launched on November 3rd, is developing everyday and should be packed with some awesome stuff by November 14th. Currently, it offers Zune advertisements which we posted a few days ago, along with some accessory information.

Anyways, nothing more to explain on this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh yes, I’d also like to mention that you should send in your applications pretty quickly because already a couple have submitted their applications via email. Make sure that you send them in to to be part of the Wired Zune team!

See the Zune… on TV!

It’s about time that Microsoft began to display advertisements on the TV. Recently, billboards promoting the Zune has been popping up here and there. I’ve seen a few posters myself. Stickers are being given out. Yeah, that’s great. But nothing’s as good as an advertisement that you can watch on your plasma TV. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check out these advertisements!


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Research Reports 58% Possibly Will Convert

After all, the Microsoft Zune may be putting a bigger threat on Apple iPod than many predicted.

CruchGear's  Zune Pictures

According to a research done by ABI, many MP3 consumers – including iPod users – are thinking of converting to the Microsoft Zune.

When 1,725 teenage and adult US residents were asked whether they planned to buy an MP3 player in the next 12 months, of those responding they were likely to do so, 58 percent revealed they were โ€œsomewhat likelyโ€ or โ€œextremely likelyโ€ to choose a Microsoft Zune player over the iPod or another MP3 player brand.

This 58 percent that were likely to go the way of the Microsoft Zune โ€“ all identified themselves as existing iPod owners. The respondents owning other brands, 59 percent, were also โ€œsomewhat or extremely likelyโ€ to purchase the Microsoft Zune as opposed to another brand โ€“ including the iPod.

Now, it is up to Microsoft to actually release a product that will be eye-catching and featured filled.

I personally feel that if the Zune were to truly put up a record breaking sales, they’ll need something more for generation two of the Zune. Many have already stated the rather “not flashy enough-ness” of the WiFi song sharing feature. Sure, it’s an original idea (to some extent) and pretty neat and easy to share your songs, but it isn’t that impressive.

The market for MP3 players is a pretty saturated market and if Zune were to be successful, they’ll need that extra icing.