53% Says No To Zune.

GigaOM have been running a survey since the day Zune launched, and it seems like many people are not exactly preferring the Zune after a lot of negative comments regarding the device were put up by various consumers. These comments include the Zune software not being installed, the device not looking as “sharp” as seen in the pictures, and the Zune not having some “expected” and “basic” features such as deleting your music straight from your Zune.

Zune Logo

Currently, the Microsoft Zune team is going through all their support requests. We should have a new firmware release in December or sometime early in 2007. It’s confirmed that there won’t be any new features for now, but Microsoft will most likely give their full attention to bring their sales up and get the hype going once again, after somewhat of a disappointment.

If you’re enjoying your Zune, make sure you visit some Microsoft blogger’s blogs to complement them for their hard work! The Zune’s potential is huge and Microsoft will make sure that they reach it to the fullest, although the media may not be too happy about it right now.