Confirmed: Microsoft Will NOT Credit You!

Remember our post about Microsoft crediting you for sharing songs? And then, we had the whole hype knocked out of the picture after Cesar’s post. But, on October 30th, Gizmodo released a PDF file saying that possibly, Microsoft will credit you. So… what’s going on?!

Well… we have an official answer.

As you know, Cesar, the guy that runs Zune Insider stated clearly that such a “credit” will not exist for the Zune as of. But, the guys at Gizmodo came with a PDF file that got us going once again, so I decided, heck, why not ask another that is working with the Zune? Bill Wittress. The man that powers ZuneGuy.

I decided to ask him regarding this “controversy” or a “rumor” you might say. I even gave him the PDF file and pointed him to the Gizmodo page. All he had to say was:

“Still not true. 🙂

(That) Research is an entirely different part of the company.”

Rumor resolved. 😉