New Features? A Bit Later…

Recently, the guys over at ClicZune were given a chance to interview David Caulton, the man behind Zunester. According to their interview, it seems as if we may not be seeing “major” improvements with the Zune in the next couple months.

“In this interview, we learned that we are not going to see new features for the 30Gb Zune player before spring. We might have a firmware update in January but only for small adjustments.” (ClicZune)

Brown Zune Long

The Zune’s potential is unimaginable as of. Especially its wireless capabilities have been the rather shining parts of the Zune, compared to its competitor, the iPod. Most likely, the upgrades will be presented via the automatic updating of the Zune firmware, when you connect it to your PC. On the 14th, many people reported that a wireless capability was not available with the default firmware, and once upgrading to 1.1 (the current version), the wireless features were activated. Some things we can also look forward to our options such as the user being able to manage their music using the Zune only. Bill Wittress, the runner of ZuneGuy, commented that one of the things that is needed the most right now for the Zune is the ability to delete your music without connecting to the PC. We’ll see if this feature is added on the 1.2, but don’t get your hopes too high already because Microsoft is said to be responding to the various issues that have risen since the launch on the 14th.