Research Reports 58% Possibly Will Convert

After all, the Microsoft Zune may be putting a bigger threat on Apple iPod than many predicted.

CruchGear's  Zune Pictures

According to a research done by ABI, many MP3 consumers – including iPod users – are thinking of converting to the Microsoft Zune.

When 1,725 teenage and adult US residents were asked whether they planned to buy an MP3 player in the next 12 months, of those responding they were likely to do so, 58 percent revealed they were “somewhat likely” or “extremely likely” to choose a Microsoft Zune player over the iPod or another MP3 player brand.

This 58 percent that were likely to go the way of the Microsoft Zune – all identified themselves as existing iPod owners. The respondents owning other brands, 59 percent, were also “somewhat or extremely likely” to purchase the Microsoft Zune as opposed to another brand – including the iPod.

Now, it is up to Microsoft to actually release a product that will be eye-catching and featured filled.

I personally feel that if the Zune were to truly put up a record breaking sales, they’ll need something more for generation two of the Zune. Many have already stated the rather “not flashy enough-ness” of the WiFi song sharing feature. Sure, it’s an original idea (to some extent) and pretty neat and easy to share your songs, but it isn’t that impressive.

The market for MP3 players is a pretty saturated market and if Zune were to be successful, they’ll need that extra icing.