Zune: An iPod Killer?

While many iPod fans are looking down on the Zune, Apple is actually quite concerned with the release of the Microsoft Zune. The Zune itself now nearing its 10th day, but everyone agrees that is surely is no iPod killer. But can it be? Microsoft has the talent and Zune has the potential.

In my column “Why Microsoft’s Zune scares Apple to the core”, I argued that, unlike Apple’s overconfident iPod fans, Apple itself is taking Zune very seriously. In that column, I listed Zune attributes and Microsoft capabilities that could hit Apple where it counts — profit margin and market share. I never argued that Zune would be better than the iPod, or even that Zune would succeed. My sole point was that Apple is taking the Zune seriously as a threat to its profitable and dominant iPod line and has good reason to do so. (Mike Elgan – Computerworld)

Brown Zune Long

Mike Elgan at Computerworld definately knows what he’s talking about in his entry. Everyone probably agrees that the Zune may have been a bit rushed. From Argo to Zune in early-July, and then the launch in November that year. Definately, the first generation is nowhere near the quality that iPod delivers. Microsoft has successfuly persuaded many buyers through, but not limited to, the 3″ screen and the Wi-Fi capabilities. But, at this state, it definately isn’t an iPod killer. Elgan takes us through the Zune’s hardware issues, compatibility issues, usability issues, along with a possible way the Zune could decimate the iPod. Probably his strongest point is that for the Zune to suceed, it should in no way copy iPod, but instead, becoming a true anti-iPod. Such a turn could definately provoke some great competition between Microsoft and Apple.