Orange Zune Spotted on eBay!

Who would’ve thought that Microsoft actually slipped in some Orange versions of the Zune too in that 100 limited editions! We’ve only been seeing a few Pink come up, but I guess there are quite a few Orange ones out there somewhere. 🙂

A guy went to buy a White Zune, but ended up with an Orange, and thought that he could make some profit off of it, considering how recently, a Pink Zune was sold for $960 USD on eBay. He listed the item on eBay with a starting bid of $750!

Orange Zune

… which no one thought was worth it. I guess you’re stuck with the Orange one buddy. 😛

Unfortunately, he claimed that he won’t be relisting this… He could’ve probably made himself a few bucks if the pricing had actually begun lower…

To greedy? I think so too.