Wired Zune Has A Logo!

Feel any different? New design? Different color scheme? Nope. A new header with our brand new logo. 🙂

Well, this logo will be in the logo of Wired Zune for the time being. 😉 We’ll most likely have a new logo that will for sure stick with Wired Zune on its first birthday, but this will be the one until then. If there are some good replies, we may keep it as the one that will represent Wired Zune for a longer period. 😛

Wired Zune Logo

For those who have not caught the logo’s meaning, let me give a brief explanation. To simply say, cover up the two O’s at the top and you’ll see a “w” type of sign, although the line at the bottom makes it kind of look odd. 😀 Now, cover up the O’s at both sides and you have a “Z”. Pretty clever? 😉

We invested mid-XX USD for this logo so that Wired Zune will have some sort of an identity for the time being. Most likely, we’ll have a new logo, as stated before, for its birthday… Or maybe earlier.. 😛