Zune, Harder Than Waldo?

I’m sure you all remember the days when you used to stay home flipping through a crazy picture book, looking for a guy with a red and white striped clothes. Some places, it was quite easy to find him. Sometimes, it took forever. Well… Zune is somewhat in the same situation…

San Francisco Zune

While Microsoft is promoting their Zune slogan, “Welcome to the Social”, in reality, the Zune world isn’t too social at all. CNET News.com reporter Ina Fried tried to find another Zune user to connect with in the San Francisco area. Sadly enough, she could only find one person with their Zune running in San Francisco. The MSN Messenger may be good at connecting people, but it seems as if even after nearly a month after the launch of the Zune, there still isn’t too many Zune users.
After time passes and the word on Zune is actually spread, unlike the somewhat poor advertising by Microsoft, the “social” part of the Zune should pickup. But as of, the slogan by Microsoft, to some extent, seems false.

A couple points in the article though, seems to have room for error. One is that the Zune is only in its first generation, so you shouldn’t expect someone from one side of SF to be able to network with someone at the other side. Second, keeping the WiFi feature on has proven to drain the battery quite quickly, so this could be another reason why Ina may not have detected a Zune, even if she may have been sitting beside someone with a Zune.

The “social” part of the Zune should definitely start picking up sometime early 2007.