Zune Update Before Christmas

It’s about time! The one that you all Zuners have probably been waiting for! 😉 An update!

Personally, my Black Zune 😀 have been running great for me. No software problems. No major glitches. Pretty good for a first generation. But, it seems as if Zune wasn’t at a satisfactory level for the mass.

Therefore, Microsoft have claimed that an update will come before Christmas, which will fix issues such as the non useable with Windows Vista problems and various minor glitches. Note that this update will not feature any major new features to dazzle Zuners with, but it will be key fixes for the current released Zunes.

“It is plumbing stuff, but it is stuff customers will notice and appreciate,” Reindorp said. “It’s not going to be a whole new wireless scenario or anything like that.”

But not to get your hopes down too much. Zune will be coming with more features in the future. Just that it hasn’t been clearly outlined as of, according to Bill Gates.

“We’ll do more things,” Chairman Bill Gates said in an interview last month. “But, you know, we’re vague and mysterious about what that is. I mean, but we’re not just going to do media; we’ll do more.”

Great news for us all Zuners! 🙂 Finally, there seems to be a light of hope for the Zune, within the massive media attacks since November 14th!