Is Your Screen Cracking?

An interesting information appeared on Engadget today. It seems as if the Zune screens are starting to crack.

Cracked Zune

If we look at the internal structure of the Zune, you’ll be able to find that the battery is actually located right behind the Zune screen. From a bit of science, we know that by charging the battery up, there will be a lot of heat involved and this will expand the battery. The expansion actually is said to put pressure on the 3 inch Zune screen, thus resulting in a screen crack.

It seems as if this could be the infamous first generation dillemma that many products experience. If this indeed is true, Microsoft should certainly not consider this as an outside the warranty coverage as it is a major problem which seems like it could happen on all Zunes in the hands of the customers.

But of course, being an insider tip, we aren’t too sure about the authenticity of this news. Are your screen’s cracking?

If so, please our Zune Troubleshooting and Problems Forums and inform us.