Play Games on Your Zune! Coming Not So Soon.

I apologize if the title was a tad bit misleading. 😛 But I hope that I got your attention! 🙂 Anyways, to the main news.

Microsoft’s Peter Moore was quoted to have said that Microsoft will be adding game functionality to the Zune.

“Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, will introduce video games for its Zune music player within 18 months to match features available on Apple Computer Inc.’s dominant iPod.”

Unforunately, this is a time span of 18 months. July 2008. Yes, 2008, not 2007. Is it just me or do I see it as a tad bit too late? In a span of 18 months, I see at least the 2nd generation of Zune, if not maybe even the third in mid-2008 coming out, as I’m quite confident a follow-up product will be released for the holiday season in December 2007. So, we’re basically looking at the first generation of Zunes NOT having game functionality. Maybe Microsoft may update the firmware, but I see a strong chance that this won’t be happening for the first generations.

I’ll have to get in contact with Mr. Moore here… I’ll try to get an interview. 🙂