Zune Trademarked. Is a Zune Phone Coming?!

Back in August 16, 2006, Microsoft filed a request to have the “Zune” trademarked. On the 17th of January, 2007 (yesterday), it was completed. The “Zune” trademark currently covers the released media player that we currently know of as Zune, but the interesting part is that it also covers internet services along with telecommunication. Long Zheng has some pretty cool ideas on where this trademark may be used in the future… Including maybe a Zune bathtub toys. 🙂

Anyways, this brings up more speculation on the rumored Zune Phone. It has been confirmed in the latest Macworld by Jobs himself that an iPhone will be arriving to a mobile service near you. Microsoft is somewhat of a late joiner into the MP3 industry, heck, too late for a mobile industry when already Motorola is having some mad fun with its RAZR and all its “ZR” products while Samsung and LG is dominating the Asian markets and not to forget, Nokia also enjoying its share in Europe. Despite the fact that Apple iPhone is a latecomer to the industry, its reputation with the iPod have already won them numerous amounts of potential buyers. But with Zune under criticism, especially with its Wi-Fi features and not meeting its hype before the launch, many eyes are already raised on whether Microsoft will enter the mobile phone industry or not and even if they did, if they will be successful or not.

Only time will tell I guess…