Rare Zune Master Edition For Sale On eBay!!

Ok. So there are like 100 orange/pink Zunes out there. But guess what! There’s the next best thing that you probably couldn’t buy off a shelf on Wal-Mart. In fact, there is a 0% chance that you’ll ever get these off the shelves of any stores… that is… except eBay.

You all probably know by now that eBay has a hella crazy lot of things for sale over there. Anything from rubbish to extremely rare items. Just a while ago, a rather “rare” for us Zune fans popped up.

Zune Masters on eBay

In fact, a Zune Masters edition of the Zune is actually being sold on eBay here! It is being sold by a user known as snip3rm4n man and he seems to be doing a favor for a Zune Ambassador friend who decided to opt-out on all the promotion part. I think the guy could’ve gotten a better deal had he sold the light changing Zune cup depending on the temperature of the liquid and the Zune Ambassador edition of the Zune itself.

Zune Masters Back on eBay

I’m currently thinking of taking part in this auction. Already got a Black and am not a big fan of the Brown as it reminds me of the edge of typical swamps, a cool Zune Ambassador logo at the back seems very well worth it. Heck, you even get an awesome cup!

Also, if you’re looking for a slick Zune bag by North Face, you may want to check this auction out held by the same person.

Zune Masters Bag by North Face

But beware for those interested… Winning this auction doesn’t mean you’re in the Zune Masters club.