Zune Styles – The Social Powered Database.

Phew. It’s been a long time since the last post, so I decided to make a quick post about anything. 😉

So, the Zune world hasn’t been the most exciting for the last several days. But I decided to treat you all with a little update.

Wired Zune has been recently working on a division site of ours, Zune Styles. It’s a place where one and all can contribute to a daily growing styles, themes, backgrounds, mods, etc. for the Zune.

We’ve been receiving some great feedbacks, but the site is still in its BETA form as we’re experimenting with it here and there, but if you’re looking for some cool backgrounds for your Zune or if you’re a designer, we urge you to go check it out. We already have some contributions made by ZS users, but we’re hoping to see some from YOU!

Check it out. 🙂