Rumor: Zune Gen 2 in August?!

First off, nothing official here folks. But a rumor is a rumor and as a Zune blog, we can’t let this one go by. 😛

Despite the next firmware update drawing closer than ever, there are still people thinking that Zune is a project that has/will be abandoned pretty soon. But according to James, the release manage of the Zune who was quoted at ZuneInsider, “Microsoft is abandoning this generation of Zune” is a total blasphemy and he believes that they will continue to carry out the Zune line and add more features like they’ve done with the Xbox first generation and the addition of the Xbox Live.

Gizmodo‘s tipster have also “said to have” heard some secret peptalk going on at the Game Developers Conference 2007 on a Zune coming with games sometime in August. As it’s merely a rumor, nothing should really be taken seriously, but if Zune does indeed come with gaming, I think a small firmware update hopefully for some simple games for the first gen Zunes may be great too. Playing on a 3″ rather than a 2.5″ iPod Sudoku may be a bit more fun!