“When’s the Next Firmware Update?!”

Like many other Zune owners, I for one have been looking forward to updating my Zune to version 1.3. Surely the 1.2 was great, and 1.3 will no doubt be better. I’m not a big Marketplace user though as I prefer to buy CDs and put them on my Zune, so I haven’t seen any “skipping issues” talked about so often. So while the update sounds good, I’m not in an “Oh my gosh! It’s late!” status. I absolutely agree with Jason from Zune Thoughts on his view on the way people are acting regarding the recent “late delivery” of the firmware update.

I ask whether such behavior towards the Zune team is at all necessary. They’ve been very flexible with many of us early Zune adopters and have been giving some great inside news and things to look forward to. Surely issues such as skipping should have been identified before hand and most definitely have been fixed in the previous firmwares. However, the Zune team has been quite generous to give us a heads up on a rough release to the 1.3 update and have been listening quite avidly on our feedbacks.

They’re truly working their butts off there to get this update released. But being humans, I also do believe that they can be caught up with other works which may spontaneously rise. Let’s not be too harsh on them. 😉