Tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Yea, it’s not a Zune news, but it is a deal that is worth bringing up even if I’m not an American. As you are probably aware of by now regarding the tragedy at Virginia Tech., there was a massacre there earlier today and we’d just like to show our “prayers” to the loss over there.


We trust that the administration over there will properly take care of the issue and we just want to dedicate our prayers (whether a Christian or not. I’m not.) to the relatives and others who were affected by this surprising news.

It’s great to be social, but it also never hurts to give back to our community. Obviously, the global Zune community can’t, so leave a word or two for those who were affected. I personally just wish them the best for the rest of the week and I truly do hope that the VT administration will clean up this “permanent” mess that the murderer has left behind.