Yet Another Limited Zune – Halo 3

So Microsoft does it again! 🙂 Yet another limited edition of the Zune. In the Halo 3 preview tonight at NYC, we were all given a little surprise – the Halo 3 limited edition Zune. It is due to be out in mid-June as of.
These limited edition Zunes are great and that it actually encourages people to buy a Zune is great. However, with the 100 Pink Zunes, the 100 Orange Zunes, the 1,000,000 Light Pink Zunes, and the Adult Swim version, along with the upcoming Watermelon Red… Too many maybe…?

Halo 3 Zune Limited Edition

It’d be great if Microsoft could put in just as much effort into providing a more feature packed Zune firmware… Anyways, more pictures of the new limited edition is over at Giz. 🙂
Source: Gizmodo