Zune Connected Issue #3

So, yet another Zune Connected issue! I’m guessing that I’ll be able to do an issue every week wrapping up all the Zune news for that week.

Probably the most bizarre news of this week is the Zune tattoo. A true Zune fan I’d say? 😉

We also can’t help but mention that the Zune for Dummies will be released on July 10th! Much kudos goes to the authors and especially Harvey, the man behind Zunerama for all his hardwork the last few months in getting a Dummies book for the Zune! 🙂

Zune Connected Issue #2

I though I wouldn’t have the time today, but good news folks! The limited Red edition is now officially out! And for 30 days only too!


Red Zune


You’ll have to make up your mind pretty quickly on whether you want the Zune or not!

Zune Connected Issue #1

As the next two months will be quite a busy time for me due to some studies and various other personal businesses, I won’t be able to udpate the site as often as I was able to in the past. Therefore, I’ve come up with a thing called Zune Connected and basically I’ll be linking to some major news regarding the Zune that I simply did not have the time to post about. I will be able to come on the website everyday as I did in the past, but the time to post will be something I cannot be sure of. Wired Zune will continue to strive to deliver the latest information on the Zune, whether it is from our post or linking to another.

So, here goes our first “issue”!

Zune Firmware v1.4 update (Zune-Online)
A bit of a disappointing update, but what can you do? ZO brings up an interesting point about the “wireless marketplace syncing” we saw a few weeks back too.

Ballmer: No Zune in Europe in 2007 (ClicZune)
Ouch… Is the Zune ever going to go international then… I guess my hopes of seeing the Zune support international languages such as Japanese and Korean in the 1.5 update should be scratched out then… Is Microsoft really going to invest in the Zune for 3 years until they release the next version? Better not if they want to be a leader and beat Apple in the market…