Price Reduction on the Zune

Some may have already heard that on September 4th, Microsoft have dropped the price of the Zune with 30 GB device for $199.00 at retail.  Microsoft already had this plan of price reduction in their book awhile ago but with the consumer satisfactions they’ve been getting, they’re expecting an increase in sales.  In addition, Microsoft is really expecting to beat their competitions including Apple iPODs. 

Zune’s Sharing Is More Than A Feature

Zune wireless MP3 player allows music sharing for three days, then gives consumers a chance to purchase it.  Seeing the youthful audience that enjoy this particular feature, Microsoft sees the potential it has to topple the King, Apple iPod/iTunes.  Although, Microsoft does not claim the Zune is all feature-complete; we, as consumers, can make the assumption that in the near future, many more useful wireless capabilities will be added to the Zune. 

Zune – Halo 3 Military Edition

Microsoft Zune and Microsoft’s U.S. Federal business merged to develop a special Zune. On August of 2007, they introduced a new version of Halo 3 exclusively for military service members- Halo 3 Military Edition. Soldiers who left for active duty on August 6 were the first to receive the Halo 3 Military Edition. The version comes pre-loaded with artwork, trailers, and music from all three Halo games. This exclusive device is available only at military retail stores as of August of 2007 and discounted rates will be given to military service members and their families.

Halo 3 Zune

Zune #1 on Amazon!

We just found out from Zune-Online that Zune was the #1 hard drive player on Amazon!

White Zune No 1 On Amazon

Possibly due to the low price at $169.99 per unit? 😉

Another Limited!

You know, I’m seriously thinking of making a Zune Edition page listing all the original and the limited editions. And yes, we have another one. 😉

Zune Limited Edition Nylon

Zune has decided to partner with Nylon Magazine and sell 1000 “limited” editions of the Zune!


The latest limited editions will first come out at Nylon’s Fashion Week party (Soho).

Unofficial Zune 2 Mock-up

According to the techdudes at Gizmodo, we have a new mock-up pictures of Zune 2.

First Zune 2 Pictures

My first impression of it was… nothing.

Firstly the colors are quite interesting in that brown seems to be gone. People either hated it or loved it. I wasn’t too pleased with it. Replacing the brown, the new red seems like it’ll attract a new group of customers.

Second, the placing of the buttons seem a bit awkward. The two Micky Mouse ear type of buttons seems a bit crowded at the top. Maybe the center button should be shifted down a bit? Also a complete redesigning of the middle button is necessary in my point of view. That is dull and quite ugly looking.

The glossy effect I’m seeing… I hope that doesn’t come in the 2nd version. One of the greatest parts about Zune compared to the iPod was that it was quite scratch resistant and yes! No fingerprints! Woo-hoo! But with a glossy look, a highlight of the first gen. will certainly be destroyed.

Lastly, is it just me or did the screen just get smaller? I hope we have at least 3.0″ of screen so we won’t have to all get glasses. 😉

More info to come as more news is leaked! Stay tuned in to Wired Zune for more info!