Great Deals On Zune 30

Has anyone heard or seen the deals on the Classic Zune or Zune 30 going online and offline? I went to Walmart the other day and saw that they’re now on sale for just $149.99. It’s brand new and has all the features of Zune 80 except the DVD quality TV out and a touch pad. But that’s just it! It comes with the same warranties as all other Zunes, so what more can you ask for? I think it’s a great starter Zune for the new Zune fans, don’t you think? By the way, at Newegg and they’re selling the Zune 30 for $139.99 so an even better deal. The only downfall is that you would have to pay for shipping and wait a week to get it to your door. All in all, Walmart would be a better choice. Since Walmart is everywhere, you can return it easily if anything is wrong with it.

Oh yeah, Woot is selling a refurbished black Zune for just $99.99. These are players which were returned back, not exactly new, but as Woot says, “Microsoft-certified with full accessories, full warranty and even fresh retail packaging.”

Here are some good deals right now on the Zune:

[phpbay]refurbished zune, 3[/phpbay]