Bluetooth Accessories for Zune: The Fact about Zune and Bluetooth

With all the features that Zune has, it left out one vital thing that would have made it even more popular. It left out the Bluetooth capability. Sad as it may be, the Zune player does not support Bluetooth. So, if you are planning to send audio files from your Zune player to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, you will never be able to do so as Zune uses Wi-Fi to transfer files from one Zune player to another.

Basically, the Bluetooth technology has taken the world by storm. It provides faster wireless connections and it will also enable a device with Bluetooth to connect to the PC wirelessly. The great thing about Bluetooth is that it will be able to support wireless Bluetooth headsets which mean no more dangling wires.

With this technology, Zune would have been probably better off using Bluetooth instead of WiFi. Recent announcement from Microsoft have stated that they plan on incorporating Bluetooth capabilities on later generations of Zune and also on the Zune Phone. Although the plans are still not final, Microsoft is considering Bluetooth because of the demand of users.

So, up until now, Bluetooth accessories for Zune are still out of the question.

The best thing that you can do right now is to share music files from one Zune player to another using the WiFi feature that is incorporated in Zune. All in all, you will still be able to enjoy sharing files with your Zune even without Bluetooth capabilities.