The New Zunes: Differing Views

After the release of the new Zunes last week everyone has been wondering whether they are really competition to the iPod. According to Microsoft, they would be happy with just second place this year.

According to some responses, the large flash based Zune still sports a smaller screen than the new iPod Nano and this makes it less than the Nano in a sense. The iPod has been a leader for some time and the new Zunes are not superior to the iPod in any way according to some.

On the other hand what is great about the Zune is the free software upgrades offered with it. In addition it has Wi Fi which is a great advantage for podcast fans.

Microsoft has had a similar learning curve with the Zune as it has with the Xbox. It got into the market, then improved its product with the help of consumer feedback. As a result the new Zunes now have better file sharing systems.

However many feel that despite the fact that the new Zunes are a lot better than the old ones AND they offer more features than the iPod they are not as good as Apple’s machine. So is Microsofts dream of being first placed in this race going to turn real. Let’s wait and see.