Love in The Time of Zune

Love has taken an interesting turn in the time of the Microsoft Zune and people are finding newer ways to get married.

A Gizmodo reader, popped the question to his girl with the help of a pink Zune original. He had uploaded a video to the player that had a romantic ballad as the score. When the lady in question heard the music fade out, she was instructed to turn the Zune over.

When she did, she saw “Will you marry me” inscribed on the back. So if you like this story of love and bravery from Ben Podbielski, you probably have heard of the alternatives.

One alternative – It’s Postive!!! We need to get married fast then. Alternative 2 -Umm, (gulp), uh (gulp) will you (gulp) marry me? Now we know of a better option propose with a Zune.You don’t need a marriage band anymore. Our one tip is don’t overdo it with a number that is too powerful and produces a number of expectations as well.

Well the good part of the story is that Ben is ready to get married. She said yes to him. Congratulations to Ben. That is Love in the time of Zune for you!