Microsoft Zune: Who’s Laughing Now?

The Apple-Microsoft wars are heating up and things are not so good whichever side you are on. If you are in the Zune pack, you will be hard pressed to get one this season. If you are in the Apple pack, you will just watch the Microsoft guy buying a Zune, cheaper, more functional, better.

A 16GB Apple iPod Touch will set you back by $399! On the other hand for $249 you can buy a Microsoft ZuneĀ  with 80 GB of storage space!

The last upgraded MS Zune has a wireless synching feature that Apple can come nowhere near to. Last year when the Microsoft Zune was released it had more critics than customers.

This year it is a different story. Microsoft now has more customers than it can handle and the Zune is in short supply. There is a good reason for all this. The Zune wins in price, innovativeness and quality.

Microsoft has improved the Zune manyfold in it’s latest avatar. The Zune’s display screen is easily readable, in fact more so than the iPod. The Pocket video abilities of the Zune are well liked as well.

With the new Zune users can sync players without plugging them into computers. You can wirelessly connect to a PC if you have a home WiFi network. Now that adds a lot of convenience to downloading.