PlayForSure To Be Rebranded By Microsoft

In the race to be No 1 in the market, Microsoft is rebranding PlayForSure. This is an effort to move ahead of Apple and iTunes.

The Rebranding will see the cessation of the PlayForSure logo and the use of a “Certified for Windows Vista” logo in its place.

Microsoft claims that this certification is a guarantee that products used with a “Certified for Windows Vista” logo will be fully compatible with the Microsoft copyright protection software.

This logo will also be used for the Microsoft Zune player. There is a problem though. The content bought from the Zune marketplace will now be usable on other devices, as is. This debunks the claim of compatibility.

I think this is a bad move from Microsoft. Two DRM schemes which are incompatible are being put under the same banner. PlayForSure and Zune content are incompatible. Even so, some oversmart mind has put the same logo into use for incompatible products.

I think branding more on the line of Apple’s iTunes would have worked better something such as “MiPlay” for instance (Ace Marketing at work 😉

Hopefully better sense will prevail and Microsoft will brand PlayForSure better.