The Zune is The New Bestselling MP3 Player on Amazon

Amidst a number of rave reviews the new Zune is the number one bestselling MP3 Player in the bestseller list.

Microsoft has worked hard and learned from customer reviews to produce a great gadget. Although the overall sales of Zune trail Apple by quite a bit, the Zune has surprised many by it’s sellability.
As a result of having a great product at a great price with great reviews, the Zune is being picked off the shelves faster than it can be made.

One reason for the quick sales of the Zune, now being touted as an iPod killer, is the steep price discount. This has caused bargain conscious US customers to purchase the Zune.

The other reason for the new Zune’s popularity is the improvements over the old Zune. Microsoft has learnt from it’s mistakes and with the help of customer feedback has produced a fantastic gadget.

Meanwhile the success of the new Zune is hurting Microsoft’s previous “Play For Sure” partners more than it is hurting Apple. According to Apple the demand for the new Zune is going to take a slice out of other hopefuls and not Apple

So you have price, features and the rave reviews of many a reviewer, are you going to have a look at the new Zune? If you are smart you are!