Why The 80 GB Zune is Unavailable

A miscalculation by Microsoft about the demand for Zunes is responsible for the Zune shortage. This has resulted in backordering of the Zune at most retailers.

The criticism of the first Zune by many resulted in too much caution by Microsoft and the resulting production of too few Zunes. The three new Zunes – the 4 and 8 gb flash based models and the 80 GB Zune classic are all in short supply.

There have been reports that the new Zune has outsold the iPod on Amazon in November. There was surprising laxity on Microsoft’s part in the production of Zune’s. It took them nearly a year to upgrade their models. Although the resources were available, they seem to have moved too slow. In addition it took Microsoft quite some time for new video content to arrive to it’s online store.

All this is surprising considering that the market for players like the Zune is almost twenty billion dollars worldwide for this year.

Meanwhile Apple and Microsoft are head to head once again. Both companies sell music and video online through stores. The content is incompatible to other products. The Zune is being seen as a threat to smaller competitors rather than the iPod though you can’t guess which way that story will go.