Why The Zune Is Likely To Succeed In Canada

As the Zune is launched in Canada this spring, I think it is sure to succeed. Here is why. The Zune provides wholesome competition for the iPod delivering a viable alternative to the worlds most popular MP3 player. There are now fanatical Zuneites just like there are iPodders.

To recap, the sizes of Zunes available. One is the 80 GB version and the smaller ones are 4 GB and 8 GB. The 80 GB version costs $249 and the 4 and 8 GB flash versions are worth $149 and $199. There are some reasons the Zune will have an edge when launched in the Canadian market.
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New Cases For The Zune From Agent 18

If you wanted some classy accessories for the Zune but did not know where to look, here is some news for you.The Zune Shield and Zune Kit cases have been released for the Zune. These cases give a different window to the Zune’s style, protect it and are available for all types of Zunes.

You can easily snap the Z-shield cases for the 30GB and 80GB Zune’s on and off. These are made of tough, frosted, clear, impact resistant plastic. You can access all connectors and buttons if you use this product even though the Zune is very well protected.
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Is It A Storage Device Or An iPod? Look Its Zune!

Like any curious user of the Zune you have probably wanted to use other programs with your Zune separate from the Zune Software. Well there is good news for you. You can use another program with your Zune with a few easy software hacks. There is now a program that lets your Zune work with other programs, by tricking it!

The name of this program is zAlternator. It gives the Zune the functionality to work with iTunes, Media Monkey and Windows Media Player.
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Zune Among Additions to Pyrix Entertainment Channels

Zune downloads is among the additions to three Pyrix channels – Docupyx, Urbanchillers and ComedyPop. The other additions were PSP movies, iPod video and 3gpfiles. Pyrix, at CES announced that it had developed new capabilities allowing it to deliver content to the Zune as well as the iPod, Playstation and 3gp smart phones. This is part of Pyrix’ drive to connect artists to audience.

Now Zune downloads can be downloaded to portable players. The same applies to PSP movies and iPod video. In addition 3gp files can be downloaded to smart phones. According to PYrix CEO Amit Tripathi, they are making it possible for artists to share content directly with audiences using mobile technology.
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This Month The Black Dahlia Murder Performs For Zune

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of the prominent artists amongst death metal lovers. Now they are part of Zune’s “Ignition” and “On The Road” Programs for the month of January. With this, The Black Dahlia Murder will get exposure across Microsoft properties and the Zune will support the tour schedule of the band as well.

Free exclusive material is being offered on the Zune Marketplace from The Black Dahlia Murder. The online marketplace has been redone and freshly stocked this month.
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Red Zune 80 GB On The Way

With excitement for the new Zune picking up, the Zune 80 GB is being made available in red through Zune Originals. This is in good time for Valentine’s Day when many such Zunes would probably be gifts.

With love and sharing as themes, 20 new laser engraved designs, part of an exclusive collection will now be available for a limited time to consumers. The address you can get these at is http://www.zuneoriginals.net. There will also be Valentine’s Day playlists at the Zune Marketplace which can be shared with friends and loved ones through the Zune Social online music community or ZUne to Zune.
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Golla To Partner With Zune For Accessories

Golla is now in partnership wiht Zune. This was announced at CES 2008. Golla will be a licenced partner of Microsoft for producing 3rd party accessories for Microsoft’s didital media player. Golla specializes in trendy bags for portable electronics and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

A special bag collection has been designed by Golla around the Zune with a number of different designs for different models. According to Scott Erickson from Zune, this is an exciting partnership for Zune. Golla sets trends in the area of fashionable bags for consumer electronics. Zune customers are likely to be pleased with the new options on the table.
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Zune In Canada Spring 2008

As the competition between Zune and iPod intensifies, the Zune is being made available in Canada, this spring. In the United States the Zune is readily available and sells for between $149 and $249. The new redesigned Zune is selling better than ever before.

In case you are wondering whether you should buy the Zune or the iPod, Microsoft Zune’s director Jason Reindorp has a few answers. The Zune has different features from the iPod according to him that distinguish the Zune.
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Zune Hits Jump 3 Times This Christmas

Hits on www.zune.net saw a drastic increase this year as compared to last year. Chrismas 2007 saw  a 299 percent increase in hits to the Zune website when compared with Christmas Day 2006. Most users visited the site to sign up to the website and for downloading software.

Although traffic grew significantly iTunes stayed the largest download site with 6 times more market share than the Zune site. The market share of Zune.net saw a 392 percent increase on Christmas compared to the previous day and the market share of www.apple.com/itunes saw a 339 percent jump on Christmas day compared to the previous day.
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