Is It A Storage Device Or An iPod? Look Its Zune!

Like any curious user of the Zune you have probably wanted to use other programs with your Zune separate from the Zune Software. Well there is good news for you. You can use another program with your Zune with a few easy software hacks. There is now a program that lets your Zune work with other programs, by tricking it!

The name of this program is zAlternator. It gives the Zune the functionality to work with iTunes, Media Monkey and Windows Media Player.

The modes are easy to understand being self explanatory. The WPD mode enables Media Monkey, Winamp and WMP functionality. There are also two other modes. These are the Zune Program and iPod. The purpose of this software might be defeated by using the Zune Program with it, however it is still included.

There is also WPD mode which looks at the Zune as a mass storage device which allows file syncing. The iPod mode fools iTunes into thinking that the Zune is an iPod that its libraries can be synced with.

If you want to get up and running with this one go to Do this if you want to use other software from the standared Zune Software. It seems that the iPod mode is untested, but it “should work” and it is not extremely difficult to get it working.