New Cases For The Zune From Agent 18

If you wanted some classy accessories for the Zune but did not know where to look, here is some news for you.The Zune Shield and Zune Kit cases have been released for the Zune. These cases give a different window to the Zune’s style, protect it and are available for all types of Zunes.

You can easily snap the Z-shield cases for the 30GB and 80GB Zune’s on and off. These are made of tough, frosted, clear, impact resistant plastic. You can access all connectors and buttons if you use this product even though the Zune is very well protected.

For the Zune Flash player – 8 and 4 GB, there is the Agent Zune Kit. This is a soft silicon case that is stylishly designed. All connectors can be accessed with it. Along with the cases you will get a multi position neoprene armband. Also available with the case isĀ  one of the worlds thinnest beltclips made of stainless spring steel. Transporting the Zune becomes easy with these accessories.

The Shield Kit for Zune Flash costs $24.95. Ditto for the Zune Shield Cover for Zune 30 GB and 80 GB. Enjoy!