Why The Zune Is Likely To Succeed In Canada

As the Zune is launched in Canada this spring, I think it is sure to succeed. Here is why. The Zune provides wholesome competition for the iPod delivering a viable alternative to the worlds most popular MP3 player. There are now fanatical Zuneites just like there are iPodders.

To recap, the sizes of Zunes available. One is the 80 GB version and the smaller ones are 4 GB and 8 GB. The 80 GB version costs $249 and the 4 and 8 GB flash versions are worth $149 and $199. There are some reasons the Zune will have an edge when launched in the Canadian market.

The prices at the Zune Marketplace will be similar to iTunes. When the Zune goes on sale in Canada the Zune Social will be available and so will the online Zune marketplace. Zune users will then have new ways to find and share their own musical selves via social networking. Although you can download unlimited songs, you can’t burn CD’s with the Zune.

In addition wireless syncing using the wifi in your home is possible with the Zune. You can also send and share songs with Zunes that are upto 30 metres away – this song can be played just thrice on the Zune. With a large screen and a convenient practical interface, I believe the Zune is likely to be hugely popular in Canada.