Digital entertainment has evolved just as humans have. Like humans. the finest of the species have trekked the long road to perfection, digital entertainment has had a period of evolution as well. From the neanderthal beginnings of digital entertainment – the idiot box and DVD players, which could not be at many places at one time, to the Windows Media Center.

Soon after came wireless networking with its 802.11G and 802.11n standards that were fast enough for streaming video. All you had to do to watch is connect through wi-fi even in different rooms and watch all around the house.

Now with the Microsoft Zune we have reached the final leg of the Zunevolution. With the Zune, you now have the ability to watch videos and listen to music wherever you go. The Zune was Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod. Till late 2007 , it came nowhere close to the oomph of the iPod. Now it is there.

The 3.2 inch screen, huge hard drive space and the ability to play wmv files make the Zune my favorite gadget today. All you need is a great video to WMV/ DVD to WMV converter and you are set to go (check out reviews of some of these at http://videoformatconverter.net/)

The question is, which stage of the Zunevolution are you at?