Eighth Graders Test Zune

Two classes have been selected nationwide to test the new MS Zune. One of them is Eric Langhorst’s class. So if you see his students listening to music, they are probably hard at study. Eric Langhorst is a social studies teacher in the South Valley Junior High School. His students are testing the new MS Zune, which allows easy transfer of video, audio, pictures and music, wirelessly.

Langhorst has recieved nationwide recognition for his work in student learning, with an incorporation of technology. He uses “studycasts” which are downloadable podcasts which can be listened to on an MP3 player, iPod or computer. Langhorst has also worked with Microsoft, including discussions on the use of the Zune in classroom learning.

Kathy Richardson, marketing manager, Zune business group was interested in the teaching method of Langhorst. Initially Langhorst and Richardson met with parents and students. By the end of the academic year, they hope to collect data on the frequency of listening to classroom material on the Zune, and if it helped improve scores.

Although the purpose of the Zune was not academic but purely entertainment, a new use is being found for the Zune. Classrooms can extend indefinitely beyond school by the innovative use of this device.