Right Time To Buy The 8 GB Zune

The 8 GB Zune sees a price drop of $20 from February 1. The Zune has been hugely popular in all its models and for those who have wanted to buy an 8 GB Zune, the time is now!

So if you decide to buy an 8 GB Zune now, it will cost you just $179. This is just $30 costlier that the 4 GB Zune. By spending just $30 more on the 8 GB Zune you can enjoy twice the amount of music and video on your Zune. I am looking at a price drop on all players in the near future. However don’t let this deter you from cashing in on an offering that you like.

Both 8 GB as well as 4 GB Zunes are available in four colors. These are Green, Pink, Red and Black. From the exterior both Zunes look pretty much the same, the outside is similar and so is the physical size.

The Zune’s differ mainly in the capacity to store songs and videos. Storage is double in the 8 GB variety. Storage capacity for pictures is the same across Zune models. The reason is that the software setting allows not more than 25,000 pictures. This isn’t a major issue since 25,000 pics should be enough for any ordinary mortal.