The Zune As A Game Machine

Currently an important gaming convention is on in San Fransisco called the Game Developers Conference. Here many hugely entertaining games have been unveiled. For gamers there is more exciting news however. The Zune is to now assume a new avatar as a portable gaming machine.

The games for the Zune were developed using XNA. This is Microsoft’s solution for game makers which has resulted in a large number of new games from independent developers. There is only a slight possibility of seeing Xbox Live Arcade games on the Zune in portable versions. The Zune has processor limitations. XNA however, is a home development solution. Anybody with more gray cells than the average human can develop super cheap games for the Zune, perhaps even free ones.

For Apples iDevices, it already runs a limited gaming scheme. Some games like Sonic The Hedgehog appear on iTunes. This is the next battleground between Microsoft and Apple. The games for the Zune are not likely to appear until the end of the year. In our estimation, they will be launched in Europe only by 2010.

However, this is a great development in the sense that the XNA game studio will be a bridge between the PC, Xbox and Zune as far as gaming is concerned.