Cheap Music For Your Zune

For those who have bought the new Zune, they know how much good music on the Zune means to them. However it is often expensive to get good music for the Zune. Everyone wants their favorite songs – Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven or any other on their Zune. Sometimes it hurts the wallet, though.

Zune downloads are available aplenty from sites like Napster and even Microsoft’s own Zune Marketplace. Each download costs about $0.99. When you download Zune music in the scores this can turn out to be extremely expensive, especially if you are a teen.

At first sight free sites seem like a good option for downloading Zune music but these sites are often chock a block with viruses and malware so be careful! One great option is to rip music from a CD that you already own. This is a great option for Zune music.

You should know that the file formats you rip to must be compatible with the Zune. Another great option is downloading the Zune music from sites that charge only a one time fee and offer unlimited downloads. This is a great cheap option for Zune Music downloads.