Zune and XNA

Chris Satchell recently gave an in-depth Gamasutra interview. He discussed Zune community gaming. There was also a demo of Wolfenstein 3D and plans to make Zune dev very essential to the XNA Game Studio.

After the synthesis of the XNA game studio and Zune portability, more and more developers can easily develop games for the MS Zune. Although Satchell readily admits that the Zune is not primarily a gaming device, he says that test were surprising as the Zune proved to be very effective at entertaining gamers.

Wolfenstein 3D level was ported and the result was a very cool experience on the zune. One question posed to Satchell was about the compatibility of XNA games with various Zune devices. He said that the first few generations would probably work.

Satchell added that 3D acceleration for mobile devices was very cheap currently and cheap graphic chips as well. According to Satchell Zune development was to be in heavy focus for XNA Game Studio’s evolution in the next few months.