GameStop No Longer Sells The Zune

The Zune was touted as Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. In one sign that it is failing to provide competition, GameStop will no longer sell the Microsoft Zune. GameStop has 4500 locations and is a huge video game retail chain.

This axe falling on the Zune is the latest in a long drawn out battle which the zune now seems to be losing against the iPod. The zune was launched in 2006 and tried to break the iPods monopoly over the portable music player market. Microsoft introduced it’s online video store in a bid to woo customers.

However the necessary response does not seem to have come. Only 2 million Zunes have been sold since the launch in contrast to 10.6 million iPods in 2008, first quarter. Now Gamestop has pulled the Zune out of it’s stores due to insufficient demand.

Website sales of the Zune will continue till exhaustion of current stock. According to a GameStop spokesperson speaking to, the Zune lacked the appeal that was anticipated and that was behind the decision to exit the Zune category. In addition it did not fit in with the product mix, the spokesperson said.