New 4GB and 8GB Zune Players!

The new Zune players have been released by Microsoft to retailers. In addition the software for both players and PC’s has been updated. These 4GB and 8GB players represent the inception of flash Zunes. They have the same Wi-Fi support, FM radio and video playback. The resolution and feature set is great as usual.

There is a new concept Zune pad. This is a hybrid controller that allows users to click or swipe the surface in order to navigate menus. In addition users can wirelessly sync content.

There is a new control method in the Zune 80GB. The screen size is increased to 3.2 inches. The 4GB ad 8GB Zunes are available in black, green, pink and red. The 4GB is available for $150 and the 8GB is available for $200. If you are going for the 80GB Zune it will set you back by $250 and is available only in black.

The Zune Originals artwork service allows customization of the Zune. The 30GB Zune is still at $200 and users will be able to avail of a free firmware update which include new software features like podcasting and Wi-Fi Sync.