Zune Ads Clarification

In a recent statement, Microsoft had talked about launching a Zune Social advertising pilot program in summer 2008. This program aims to expand Zune Social profiles by including advertising, events and artist pages. This idea did not receive a nod from users.

Now Microsoft has issued a clarification on what the aims of the program are. The program is not specifically for the Zune but for the complete Microsoft Entertainment and device line. This includes Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Windows Mobile and also, in time, Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft will aim to ensure that the experience of the users will be interactive and enjoyable. The most important bit of information that came out from the clarification is that watching the ads is up to you. You choose what kinds of sponsored content you get.

So you could choose a wallpaper, game, soundtrack, trailer etc. If you feel that the content is weighed down by boring advertising and thus not worth watching he/she need not watch both.

If the content associated with the advertisements is extremely engaging, the user will probably go for both. This idea is extremely good and gives the user a sense of power. Lets wait and watch.