Stylish Zune!

The present day Zune has come a long way. From the time when it was ‘zero’ competition to iPod, today it enjoys a relatively better popularity. As a digital mp3 player, Zune gives us music that is meant to inspire and comfort us. But if we go back to Zune’s first model, it was anything but ‘inspired’.

 The first Zune player released in 2006 was a dull shade of brown that aroused much amusement and ridicule. Unpleasant to the eyes, consequently its sales also suffered. However the ingenious minds at Microsoft were quick to make good their mistake and have since then come up with infinitely more appealing colors like pink, red and black for the Zune. They have even collaborated with noted artists to come up with different colors and designs that are etched on the Zune using laser technology to create a limited edition of these spectacular one-of-a-kind Zune’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Protective Shield for Zune

You can finally forgive your friend who accidentally sat on your beloved Zune mp3 player causing its delicate glass shield to break and making you suffer from angst’s of despair at the irreversible damage. The people at PDASmart are here to the rescue. They have recently announced the creation of a plastic lens to replace the easily broken glass shields in Zune mps players (80 GB).

Bringing a sigh of relief to thousands of Zune users, this new acrylic lens is readily available at your local market.Troubled customers can easily purchase the parts individually and not be forced to spend too much money. Providing your beloved Zune player with the best protection, this acrylic plastic replacement fits the player perfectly like the glass.

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Zune L.A.

Club hopping is passe. Todays hep, would be glitteratti, prefer to attend events that feel rich – Like a gathering at a gallery. This is the tune lifestyle marketers are playing in the heads of the chic. Brands are now marrying music and nights in all their glory to themselves.

It is no easy job to be in a market with the iPod. So Microsoft is creating an image of itself by associating the Zune with nightlife. There is now a space in L.A. with the Zune name. The night-space is called “Zune L.A.” and was formerly a photo studio.
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Limited Edition Zune

A Peter Saville designed limited edition Zune  will be released in commemoration of the “Joy Division” DVD release. On every Limited Edition Zune, the film will come preloaded. The custom Zune will be black in color and will feature Peter Saville’s artwork.

There will be only five hundred such players on sale. The sale date is June 17th onwards and each Zune will sell for $399 online at and at There will be exclusive DVD outtakes on the Zune marketplace as well.
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