Protective Shield for Zune

You can finally forgive your friend who accidentally sat on your beloved Zune mp3 player causing its delicate glass shield to break and making you suffer from angst’s of despair at the irreversible damage. The people at PDASmart are here to the rescue. They have recently announced the creation of a plastic lens to replace the easily broken glass shields in Zune mps players (80 GB).

Bringing a sigh of relief to thousands of Zune users, this new acrylic lens is readily available at your local market.Troubled customers can easily purchase the parts individually and not be forced to spend too much money. Providing your beloved Zune player with the best protection, this acrylic plastic replacement fits the player perfectly like the glass.

Previously users who tried to do repairs themselves encountered the biggest difficulty in removing the shattered glass without causing harm to the LCD.With the availability of the PDASmart Lens Upgrade, all they are required to do now is to send it off to the experts who are equipped to handle the problem. The PDASmart Lens is hardier than its glass ancestor and is capable of withstanding greater abuse and pressure.

In view of the high demands, this upgrade is currently available only for the 80GB Zune but PDASmart is in the process of releasing the same for the 8GB and 4GB versions subsequently in case demand arises.