Zune L.A.

Club hopping is passe. Todays hep, would be glitteratti, prefer to attend events that feel rich – Like a gathering at a gallery. This is the tune lifestyle marketers are playing in the heads of the chic. Brands are now marrying music and nights in all their glory to themselves.

It is no easy job to be in a market with the iPod. So Microsoft is creating an image of itself by associating the Zune with nightlife. There is now a space in L.A. with the Zune name. The night-space is called “Zune L.A.” and was formerly a photo studio.

In the day this place is an office for Microsoft Zune employees. In the night it offers a place where people can connect creatively. At the naming of Zune L.A. the who’s who of the music, art and event-planning tribe got to watch visuals, mojito’s and musc.

Zune L.A. reminds you of Royal-T and other such hybrid areas which are two in one. With a DJ Booth, rooftop patio and soundproof music room, this place is likely to grow into a hub for creative enjoyment.

With invitation only offering, Zune L.A. is definitely posh. Popular musicians like Janelle Monae and Marc Ford have enthralled people here and some other such acts are likely to grace Zune L.A.

L.A is the first city picked by Zune due to it’s cultural energy as well as the thriving creative community. The address of Zune L.A. is 8275 Beverly Blvd (at Sweetzer). Peter Hook performs on Tuesday, invitation only. You can find out more at (323) 944-0702