Latest Spots for Zune by Nervo!

Nando Costa’s much popular offshoot; Nervo (the animation and design studio) has recently come out with six animated films. These are a part of the branding package for Microsoft’s Zune Creative campaign which includes its portable video and music player. The people at Nervo stated that these videos will be use intensively at Zune’s promotional events and even marketing projects.

Nervo was very happy with the creative freedom they got from the Zune Creative team. The company officials said that since the brief of the project was quiet open, it allowed them to venture forth and explore a variety of animation techniques and a more subjective concept. They even had full freedom to use the sound and music effects of their choice which was a great relief. Creativity definitely works best under no pressure!

Speaking about the approach involved in the culmination of these videos, Nervo said that it tried to connect various associations to music, abstract as they might be. So from relating it with the happiness of eating sweets (Zune Sweets), to the popular idea of users sharing and communicating music (Zune Hair), to the amazing idea of transferring music as if magically from one place to another, sharing (Zune Boxes) a multitude of ideas of adaptation, change, tastes, preferences and customization (Zune Liquid and Cages), personalities etc.Nervo has managed to being everything together in a brilliant marketing campaign.